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Hello there! Today I have a very different yet very special post: a decor article! 
Modani, which is a modern furniture store specialized in contemporary design,  inspired me to infuse my personal style in a living room:  Just like accessories can make an outfit stand out and be WOW, the same happens for a living room; so I decided to make 2 living room proposals and I hope you like them and you know..get a little inspired with these ideas :)

Center piece: White Sofa

White sofas go with everything, it's like a white canvas that you can do anything you want with them, just like the white t-shirt post I wrote recently, the same goes for this: The design is modern but not crazy modern and you can pair them with classic accessories or go crazy and colorful.

Why Pop of Color? The sofa is the neutral piece of the living room, and so is the rug, but with a little something extra because of that print, which is also in a neutral color that makes it easy to mix with other tones.
The Fuchsia and yellow elements are the pop of colors for this scenario, both are happy colors and very girly.  I picture this living room for a women's apartment.

For this one, I also used the white sofa mixed with bright colors that are not so girly...So I think this would be a good living room for a young couple.

My go to accessories? The pillows! and I would also use flowers and some frames.  Those 3 things are not that expensive and are a lot easier to change than a sofa. So, if you get bored of the fuchsia and red or whatever is the color you pick, replace them with new colors, new textures, sizes, quantities and you will give your living room a refreshment - that is budget friendly ;) - Now, who doesn't want that?

So, which one is your favorite?

P.S: If you want to take a look and see some great displays, take a virtual tour through Modani’s modern furniture store.

All accessories & furniture are from Modani - except the yellow flowers, those are from Pinterest :)

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