Who Are Your Favorites At The MTV VMA´S?

MTV Video Music Awards were held tonight, who were your favorites?

Black robes, a 2000 couple remake, and more:

Esta noche fueron los Premios MTV, cuales fueron tus favoritas?

Batas negras, un remake de una pareja del 2000 y más:

Ariana Grande.


Who by the way, tried really hard to make us believe she's not divorcing Jay Z:

Quien por cierto, trató con mucho esfuerzo el hacernos creer que no se estará divorciando de Jay Z:

Yeah, so, let's bring Blue Ivy to make this more believable...Nice try guys...

Aja, traigamos a Blue Ivy para que esto se vea más creible...Buen intento...

Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton.

Demi Lovato and a subtle cleavage..

Gwen Steffani looking like I wanna look when I get to that age.

Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez.  How many hours do you think she spends at the gym?

Kelly Rowland

Oh look, another subtle cleavage...Kim Kardashian's .... * shocking *

Lorde in the black robe I was telling you about..

Miley Cyrus.

Nicki Minaj

Taylor Swift.  No comments.



And finally, Katy Perry made us remember the ' golden couple ' from 2000. 

Y finalmente, Katy Perry nos hace recordar a esta pareja del 2000...

Who's your best and worst?

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