Birkenstocks: The ''IT'' shoes of the moment?

Looks like these horrible slippers won't go away...Back in January we saw how these Birkenstocks were coming slowly into our lives, and now, they are oficially here and everyone is wearing them and our Instagram feeds get full with these shoes that are so extremely weird and ugly and...just weird...

Why do people like them? They make people feel like they're at home? Do they make people look ''effortlessly chic''? I don't care if they these shoes are embellished with all those fancy bling things designers put on them or if they are made of genuine leather, in the end, they are ugly, no matte what they do.

Here are some looks so you can make up your mind:'s make them look uglier in SOCKS!

Thanks Celine for bringing this shoes back into our lives.

Something interesting about all this is that I recently read an article that was talking about Birkenstock and how they had some rough years in sales, then suddenly, someone in the fashion industry decided to bring these back and sales started to go up, to the point that this is now the shoe of the summer, the one that has been sold out many times and has to be re-stocked immediately.

So...after this fact for life that I gave you...Do you like these shoes?

Pictures from Pinterest, Friend In Fashion

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