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I've been seeing different sweatshirts coming up for this season, looks like this item is not just for the gym or cold weather anymore...For me, spring is not for sweatshirts, but maybe it is a good option for the countries that are not tropical or that don´t have a summer weather all year long, like El Salvador; I would just melt if I put on a sweatshirt during this time, temperatures are starting to rise and it's time for lighter clothes.

I may not wear this but that doesn't mean that I don't like sweatshirts, they are very comfortable and mixing them with the right accessories you can turn this very random piece into something fashionable. Here are my picks to get inspired for this trend and also some outfits:

Ultimamente he estado viendo diferentes sweatshirts o sudaderas como le diríamos para esta temporada, parecer que esta pieza ya no es solo para el gimnasio o para un clima frio...Para mi, primavera/verano no es para sweatshirts, pero tal vez es una buena opción para los países que no son muy tropicales o los que no tienen un clima tipo verano todo el año!, como El Salvador; Yo me derretiría si me pongo esto con este clima, se está poniendo más caliente y creo que no lo soportaría..

Puede ser que no me pusiera estos sweatshirts debido al clima pero eso no quiere decir que no me gusten, son muy cómodos y combinándolos con los accesorios correctos se puede convertir esta pieza tan random en algo más con estilo.  Aquí está mi selección de sweatshirts y unos looks para que disfruten:

Etsy shop :  To all book lovers, have you ever thought this about a book?

What do you think of this piece? Already have one?

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  3. I love the effortless 'cool' look of a sweatshirt with a printed pant or skirt. I'm also kind of loving that palm tree sweatshirt.


  4. I really like the greay sweatshirt 'off duty' - that style looks great :)

    xx, rebecca


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