Fendi Buggies: Chic or weird?

A bag bug? what's that? something Fendi invented, of course. I've been seeing this ''accessory'' on some magazine editors and big bloggers online, and when I first saw it, my first thought was '' WTF is that?''.  I'll tell you what it is, an overpriced thing that you hang on your purse, because it's Fendi. 

Can you imagine the power these brands have to get to create anything they want and put a high price on it? Now, that's master branding, because if you look at it and think about the brand, you start considering it as cute, and it is in fact, the video they created is pretty funny and it's a fun piece for your bag, but it's useless.  So, If you consider getting one, think:  '' Do I need it ? '', the answer is no, but if you have $700 that you don't know how to spend, go for it ;).

Here are some of  the buggies and street style:

Street style:

Pictures from: Ftape, Stylecaster, Pinterest.


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