SAG Awards : The Risk Takers

The awards season continues and yesterday was the SAG Awards. I think the dresses this time were a lot better than the ones at the Golden Globes, celebrities definitely took more risks this time and that´s what this post will be about, the most different and unique thing seen at the SAG Awards:

I'm not a big fan of crop tops, I don't think I would wear one but Kerry Washington's dress was really a risk-taker, she's pregnant but looks good, but still, I wouldn't call her my favorite...

Julia Roberts in a pink jumpsuit, which I love by the way.

Emma Thompson in a weird dress and Louboutin sandals.

Mariah Carey channeling Karl Lagerfeld plus trying to fit in a smaller dress ( as usual ).

Natalie Dormer and her half-shaved do.

Who was your favorite risk taker?

Pictures from People.

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  1. I'm not sure if I loved Kerry's choice, but I'm a crop top fan! But I was absolutely chocked about Natalie half-shaved head!



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