Do or don't: Furkenstocks

Apparently, these shoes/sandals are becoming a trend...they were out during Spring 2013 but maybe everybody wasn´t sure whether to wear them or not...I can't say I'm excited about it or that I like it, they look like slippers, what's to like? That these are Céline?  This is clearly a case of how Branding is so important...

Ready to take a look at more slippers or Furkenstocks?. are the pics:

Al parecer, estos zapatos/sandalias se están poniendo de moda...salieron durante Primavera 2013 pero tal vez no todos estaban seguros si usarlos o no...No puede decir que me emocionan estos zapatos o que me gustan, parecen pantuflas, qué tienen de especial para que me puedan gustar? Que son Céline?  Este es un claro caso de cómo el Branding es tan importante...

Listas para ver más pantuflas o Furkenstocks?  Cuidado...aquí están mis pics:


Miley Cyrus in these shoes...that explains a lot...

Isabel Marant:


Love or hate?

Los amas o los odias?

Pictures from Pinterest, Ny Mag


  1. Unfortunately, not something I'd ever comprehend… or love… or wear… (unless I am gardening)

  2. I'm all for this trend! The comfier, the better ;)

  3. Ahh geez, I have no idea. I think they look horrible on me. That style gives me cankles and stumpy legs, in fact I reckon it does that to everyone LOL! I'm not a fan of the fur on this even if it s Celine. The only pair I do kinda like, only kinda are some Givenchy's with a floral print. But they cost over $1000 and I am not prepared to pay that much, yet, maybe. I don't know LOL


  4. I'd wear them. They look really comfy.

  5. wow, I don't think it will look good on me, haha. But it does look comfortable :)
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